Faith,Hope and Life

What is that keeps us going? Never stopping and making us believe that we will eventually do something with our lives. This question makes me think a-lot that is it the passion or motivation or something else? What is the thing that makes us going despite losing everything , everything that matters ? Its the hope that make us believe that everything will be fine. This single sentence makes you do wonders if you have faith that it will going to be OK , things will eventually fall into their places and people will reach the places they are meant to be. Hope is something that will keep you going , its like a light in dark , a voice in silence and a believe in the situation of failing that it will all be fine.

Where it come from ? Why is it necessary to have hope ? Most of all what is the difference between life with hope and without hope ? This blog will explain my experiences and how we can answer these questions based on them.

Its just a start of the beginning I always want to make , the discussion I always want to have and a step towards deducing a conclusion of what is life with faith and hope .